A consultant that doesnít care to travel Ö?

I suppose that makes me a bit of an oxymoron. But Iíve spent enough time in airports and hotel rooms during my 25 years in the corporate world to figure out that business travel is not my cup of tea.

The truth is, I find it rewarding to work with folks that share a Midwestern work ethic and set of values. And even after 29 years, I still define a good day of work as one that ends with a drive home and an evening spent with my wife and best friend Janet.

More importantly, there are definite benefits to having a local partner for your organization as well:

  • I can be very flexible, being there when your organization needs me and willing to provide services in short time increments, as little as a day or less
  • I donít have to pass on costly travel expenses in my fees
  • I understand the local culture impacting your organizationís employees

If you fall outside of my preferred region and would still like to talk, please feel free to give me a call. Iíll give you honest and experienced advice with absolutely no positioning on my part for follow-up work.

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